Gareth Polmeer
Artist and Writer
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Screenings and Exhibitions

Works exhibited variously in festivals, galleries and cinemas.


February 2015, Four Modes of Anti-Image: Recent Experimental Film and Video from the UK - The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

September 2014, Screenscapes - Landscape film and video, Nicosia, Cyprus

July 2014, Durational Video - Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, USA

May 2014, - online gallery for one-month film and video exhibitions

March 2014, Screenscapes - Landscape film and video, London

Previous venues include National Film Theatre (also now BFI Southbank), Candid Arts Centre, Apiary Studios, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Testbed 1, Triangle Space Chelsea, The Regency Town House, Lethaby Gallery, Window Gallery, TULCA Season of Visual Arts, Barcelona Experimental Film Festival and others.

Recent Writing on Video Work

Hamlyn, Nicky (2014) Gareth Polmeer, New work at 'Screenscapes'

Chapters, Articles, Essays etc.

Motion into Openness: Nature and the Image-in-Time. PhD thesis. RCA, London. 2015.

Movement within Movement. In: Progressive Scan. London, Evelyn Yard. 2015.

Sequences and Intervals. In: Leonardo Journal. Vol. 48, No. 2. 2015. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. ISSN 0024-094X

Transient Landscape. In: Millennium Film Journal. Issue 61. New York: Millennium Film Workshop. 2015. ISSN 1064-5586

Linear Optics. In: Sequence, Artists' Film and Video. Issue 4. London: No-w-here. 2015. ISSN 2048-2167

Bäume im Herbst. In: Rees, A.L. & Hamlyn, Nicky. (eds.) The Films of Kurt Kren: Structure and Experiment in Austrian Avant-garde film. Bristol: Intellect. 2015.

Tree Again. In: Rees & Hamlyn (eds.)

Asyl. In: Rees & Hamlyn (eds.)

The Cinematic Map. In: Troubled Waters. London: Camberwell Press. 2013. ISBN: 978-1-908971-14-2.

States of Flux. In: MIRAJ, Moving Image Review and Art Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2. 2012. Bristol: Intellect. ISSN: 20456298.

The Cinematic Map: William Raban's About Now MMX. In: Tengen Magazine, Issue 3. London: UCL. 2011.

About Now MMX (excerpt). In: One More Time, Catalogue, London: London Met University. 2011.

About Now MMX (excerpt). In: Media City Film Festival, Catalogue, Windsor, Canada. 2011.





Conferences and Symposia

Sea. 'Water-worlds: art practices and wet ecologies', Geographies of the Anthropocene, RGS-IBG Conference, University of Exeter. 2015

Screen Time, Screen Space - Cinema and/as Gallery Art (co-convened session). Association of Art Historians conference. Royal College of Art, London. 2014.

Fragment/Continuum - Disunity in Cinematic Time. Unity/Disunity Conference. University College London. 2013.

Experimental Film and the Architectonics of Light. Association of Art Historians conference. University of Reading. 2013.

Re-temporalising Time: Motion and Intervals in Experimental Film. Fast/Slow: Intensifications of Cinematic Speed. Anglia Ruskin University. 2013.

States of Flux - Visual Communication Research Symposium, Royal College of Art. 2013.

Adorno, Nature and Film - Marx and the Movies conference. University of Central Lancashire. 2012.


PhD, Royal College of Art

Research Title: Motion into Openness - Nature and the Image-in-Time

Subject: Digital aesthetics, videographics and the philosophy of dialectic

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Current Employment

Royal College of Art, UK - Visiting Lecturer in Critical and Historical Studies. Dissertation supervisor for Visual Communication, Animation and Information Experience Design

Camberwell College of Arts, UK - Associate Lecturer, Illustration and Visual Theory

Previous Employment

Middlesex University, UK
Sessional Lecturer in Multimedia

University for the Creative Arts, UK
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Film and Video

Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
Sessional Lecturer in Digital Arts

James Cook University, Australia
Guest Lecturer in Arts and Media

London College of Communication, UK
Guest Lecturer in Film and Television

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Recent Video stills

Distance (2015)

Field/Variation (2014)

Sea (2011)